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I reviewed Wet N’ Wild’s Contouring Duo! Read More to see the full review xo



Happy Friday!
So Today I am reviewing Wet N’ Wild’s Contouring Palette Duo in the shade ‘Dulce De Leche’. It comes in another darker shade: ‘Caramel Toffee’. So let me first say, that I am extremely pale. When I choose a foundation I constantly just pick the lightest shade and sometimes that isn’t even light enough! Anyway, I picked up this Duo knowing that the contouring shade probably wouldn’t look the best on my pale skin, but Kathleen Lights (Literally my favourite beauty youtuber… I have a girl crush on her) ANYWAY,… she is pale and had said she really loved it and it’s so affordable so I thought I would to give it a try : )

First of all, this “New Formula” they are talking about is magical because it is so smooth to the touch and it blends beautifully.I tried to swatch it on my arm but the payoff doesn’t show up on camera very well and doesn’t do it justice! I use the Highlighting shade to set my concealer around my eyes, and the peach undertones totally get rid of my under eye circles! It doesn’t settle at all in my under eyes or look powdery. I tried to use the darker colour to contour but it is too orange for my fair skin. If I bronzed I could use it to give my face some colour, but I don’t like the look of bronzing for me it doesn’t suit my colouring.

So all in all I would totally recommend this Duo. Even though I don’t even use the darker colour I still reach for this to use the lighter shade all the time. It’s so affordable; literally under $10.00. And if you’re someone who likes to bronze then this darker shade is probably going to be perfect for a natural bronzed look. It is totally matte and there is no shimmer whatsoever so if you’re just wanting a natural contour, or bronze, then you need to run out now and pick this guy up!

Hope this was helpful and I’ll talk to you soon!

Jillian xo

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