Physician’s Formula


I did a Review on Warm Nudes Shimmerbrick by Physicians Formula, Check it out! xo


Hey guys!
I’m back today talking about the Physician’s Formula Warm Nudes Shimmerbrick.
The formula for this face and eyes shimmerbrick is AMAZING. It is silky smooth and super pigmented as you can tell from the swatch I did! It is a drugstore product so it’s on the more affordable side of things, Physician’s Formula is a little more expensive for drugstore but they cater to sensitive skin which I totally appreciate.

It comes with a small sponge brush and a little highlighter brush which actually isn’t bad. The mirror is nice for if you want to just keep it in your purse for touch-ups.

How I have been using this is to highlight my face, corners of my eyes, and even as an overall shadow. The shimmer that goes onto your skin is a very natural but luminous glow. It doesn’t go overboard but it has the potential to build depending on how much glow you want!

All in all I would totally recommend getting this to add to your collection. Even if you don’t have very much makeup this is perfect because it is an all in one face and eyes. Very versatile and easily justifiable.  😉

Hope you guys found this helpful,
Talk to you soon

P.S. Can you guess what my next review is going to be on?

Jillian xo

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