Pop of Periwinkle


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Happy Friday lovelies!
Today I am sharing with you my most current colour obsession! This periwinkle, light blue gorgeousness makes me so very happy. I feel like you could wear the simplest of outfits and throw on a pair of heels or a cute clutch and it would be beautiful.

A coloured liner is not my personal thing, but this Stila eyeliner (it’s waterproof!) is stunning for those of you who want to try out this bright eye liner trend. I feel like I have been seeing it everywhere!
Also if you’re loving #4 as much as I am it is your lucky day baby because this sweetheart is ON SALE. (:

I recently bought these darling sandals from Spring in this colour and I am LOVING them. You’ll see them in an upcoming blog post but for now here is the link for them as well if you want to check them out!
Spring $49.99

What colours are you guys loving right now ?

Jillian xo

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