Wet n’ Wild Brushes


I did a review on Wet n’ Wild’s adorable line of pink and white makeup brushes!


Hey guys!
Today I’m talking about Wet N’ Wild’s line of cruelty-free, gluten free and vegan brushes.
I ordered all of these brushes online from their website, and they were under $5.00 each. They are made from polymax fibers which are meant to mimic the consistency of actual hairs. The handle on them is kinda cute because there is a little indent where your thumb can rest; an “ergonomic” handle they call it.

So first of all these brushes are so soft I want to just rub my face with them all day. They don’t shed AT ALL when you wash them which is saying a lot. I once purchased a $40 brush before and the ENTIRE brush end come off the handle. Like…what? That baby got returned so fast, in two parts and all!

 My favourite out of all of them is the flat top. I have been using it for my foundation and it blends it out BEAUTIFULLY. Like literally like a dream it’s so effortless and easy.
I have been using the small stipple for setting my under-eye concealer and it works perfectly. It picks up just the right amount of powder and helps get in them corners.

If I actually write a review on my blog about something, I have to really love it. I only review things that I am completely obsessing over and I feel like the entire world should know about it. 🙂

So let me know if you guys have tried these brushes out or if you have any other questions, I use them everyday they are totally a must-have for me right now.

Talk to you soon!

Jillian xo

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