7 Things to turn any desk into a vanity


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Happy Hump day lovelies!
What girl doesn’t want a pretty place to sit and do makeup? It’s hard when you don’t have space, or an actual specific vanity to make this happen. So today I thought I’d share 7 Things to make any desk into a vanity. It’s so easy! Just a little of this and that and you’ll have a vanity haven of your own!
^ #6 is an antique tray that I bought at a thrift shop and I am constantly seeing them at antique shops if you want one like it. I did link an H&M one that is similar above.

1. Jewelry Trays

Little display trays are pretty to look at, and are a cute way to display jewelry and makeup. By putting things on a tray it immediately makes everything look more organized. How fun are these 3 from Indigo? The middle one is on sale!*

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2. Stool/Chair

Whether a stool or just your desk chair, a seat is a must! I really like the idea of a stool because it saves on space; when you aren’t using it just push it under the desk. This Ikea stool comes in black as well and it is super affordable. I also really like this Ghost Chair, throw a lambskin over it and you’re officially fabulous.

Stool | Chair


3. Mirror

A mirror on the wall, a tabletop mirror, or both! Mirrors can help make small spaces appear larger. It’s called a vanity for a reason… two angles to look at yourself can’t hurt;) These three mirrors are all from Ikea. You could go with something really simple like these tabletop ones (I like that the 1st one has a tray underneath to stash pretty things). The third says it is new on their website and I think it’s so cool! It can mount to the wall or stand up on a table, and behind the two side mirrors are hooks so you can keep your jewelry organized! What more could a girl ask for 🙂

1 | 2 | 3


4. Pictures

Pictures help personalize your space, and really make it your own. You could create a picture wall behind the table, or just a simple tabletop frame. Put things in them that inspire you or make you happy. Cut out magazine pictures, posters, or personal pictures.
When doing a picture wall I think it is best to stick to one colour for your frames so that it can tie them all together. Ikea and Michaels have a lot of nice frames. Here’s a few tabletop ones I love from Ikea.

1 | 2 | 3

5. Flowers

Flowers give a feminine touch. They smell good, look pretty and are a great way to add some colour! Fresh flowers in a decorative vase can are always pretty. Or try swapping the fancy vase for something around the house; mason jar, mug…
Orchids are easy because they only need to be watered once a week, and they don’t need direct sunlight. Couldn’t be bothered? Get fake! There are some pretty fool proof ones that give the same effect as real flowers (minus the smell).

6. Tray

I know #1 was jewelry trays and they are similar, but I’m talking about large trays and display pedestals. A large tray can really help make things look more tidy. Put all your foundations together, All your brush containers on it, apothecary containers with cotton pads and Q-tips. You could even use a dinner platter or a cake pedestal. This adorable mint green one from Indigo is one sale and only $15.00. A cute way to display some pretty things, and add a pop of pastel.

Cake Stand

7. Light

A tabletop lamp, sconces, a string of lights, or a candle to help set a relaxing ambiance. This string of lights from Urban Outfitters is so pretty you could drape it over a mirror or just have it at the back of your table to add some twinkle. Home Depot also have mini string lights for very inexpensive. This Kate Spade candle is super cute so I had to include it. You could also reuse it once the candle is done for makeup brushes. This lamp is from Bed Bath and Beyond and they suggested to pair it with a tweed shade but I like just plain white so I’ll link those below too!

1 | 2 | 3 | 4

So I hope you guys liked this let me know if you did! I know I love reading about anything to do with home décor 🙂 The nice thing about it is that you can really decorate however you like. You could find all of these things at second-hand stores. Find a funky stool and paint it whatever colour you want! The options are endless.
I’m thinking about doing a vanity reveal on an upcoming post, just sharing how I organize my makeup and things like that. Yay or nay?
Thanks for stopping by!

Jillian xo

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