Loose Curls


Hello lovelies!
So today I’m sharing a step-by-step of how to do loose casual curls. This is pretty much how I curl my hair when I want it to be done and curled, but nothing too fancy. It’s super easy so if you want to learn how to achieve fabulous curls… keep reading : )

Ok so first things first you’ll need:

Hair brush
Hair elastic or clip
Curling wand
Hair spray (optional)

1 | Start with dry, brushed hair
2 | Part your hair how you want
3 | Spray hair with heat protectant
I am using Straight Sexy Hair Smooth & Protect. I loveeeeee this product! It is a light hairspray that acts as a smoothing agent and protects against heat as well! If my hair is looking a little frizzy I spray some of this on my ends and it helps straighten and tidy things up. I spray this before I use hot tools, and if I’m keeping my hair straight I use it after I straighten it to take away any frizz. It never makes my hair crispy or anything like that. Once you spray it you can never even tell it’s there. Ah-mazing.

4 | Next section your hair into 2 parts, I tie the one half with an elastic to get it out of the way
5 | Starting from the back, grab a piece to start with, the smaller the piece the tighter the curl
6 | With your curling wand pointing relatively down, place it just behind the piece of hair so you can begin to wrap the hair around the wand going away from the face ( Curls always look best and most natural when they are going away from the face)
Also don’t mind my glove… I am hopelessly klutzy with curling wands and I cannot tell you how many times I have poked myself with it! Get it together… Jillian.

7 | I use 2 different wands. They are both by NuMe and I am obsessed. I use the 32mm and the 25mm. When doing this look I use the 32 for my entire head except for the pieces near the front. I want the pieces that are shorter in the front to have a little bit of a tighter curl to help frame my face

 32mm | 25mm | You can see the comparison in size between the two:
Let me know in the comment section if you’d want me to do a comparison post, I could curl half my head with one and then the other… let me know?

8 | So continue to curl your head working your way from the back to the front. Once you get close to the front you can use a smaller wand like I do or just continue to use the same it’s your own preference

9 | Once my entire head is finished I comb through it with my fingers a bit to break apart the curls ( it helps make it look more natural ) Then I give my entire head a light dusting of hairspray. Totally optional. I use Big Sexy Hair Spray. It has an amazing hold to it, you do have to watch and make sure you don’t get carried away because it can get crispy. I usually brush through my hair one last time after I’ve sprayed it so that it all flows together nicely.

There you have it! Loose, natural looking fabulous curls. If you guys have any questions write them in the comments below! Also everything I’m using is linked below.
I hope you guys liked this thanks so much for stopping by!

Jillian xo

Mirror: Homesense | Hair Brush: Forever21 | Big Sexy Hair | Straight Sexy Hair Smooth & Seal(Honestly I couldn’t find the link for this guys only in a travel size… I’m not sure what the deal is I can’t find it on their website but I know beauty supply outlets carry it and trade secrets does as well | NuMe 32 mm | NuMe 25 mm

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