L’Oreal Lumi Cushion

I did a review on L’Oréal’s Lumi Cushion Foundation, Read more to see the full review! xo


Hey guys!
I feel like I haven’t done a blog post in forever! It’s literally only been since Saturday but that feels so long 😦
Anyway today I’m talking about L’Oréal’s True Match Lumi Cushion.
I think this may be my favourite foundation. That is a bold statement and it makes me nervous to say that, but I think it is. Honestly it is beautiful.
Okay so it’s their first foundation to come in a cushion, and you just open up the little compact (*gorgeous rose gold esk compact) and use the puff applicator to tap the foundation onto your pretty little face. Don’t mind how haggard and filthy my sponge is… You can use a brush to apply it too if you want. just dip it right into the sponge. I personally like how it applies with the sponge, I feel like it goes on to the face nicer. It’s up to you!
This foundation makes your skin look FLAWLESS.
The coverage is buildable and you can layer it and it will not cake. The finish is so dewy and luminous it just looks like you have perfect, naturally glowing skin and that you just woke up like this.
I have dry skin and this doesn’t dry or flake up on my dry skin AT ALL. As the day goes on I feel like it blends into your skin, and looks even better. For me, a lot of the time I don’t wear much makeup; being home all day with Cam there doesn’t seem much point. So when I go out and I want something fast but still decent coverage I grab this,tap tap tap and I’m good to go 🙂 It’s perfect to also keep in your purse for touch ups.
I am N2 Classic Ivory. The only thing That I wish is that they had a N1… N2 is pretty good but for the Winter time especially N1 would be perfect for this paleness I got goin’ on.
So I hope you guys liked this! Let me know what your favourite foundations are!

Jillian xo

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