Vanity Reveal

Hello loves! Read on to see my full vanity reveal and how I organize my makeup! xo


Ta Da!
Hello my sweets 🙂
I personally LOVE looking at vanities, and how people set up their makeup, so I thought I would do a vanity reveal myself.
My amazing handy-man actually made my vanity and stool. I drew him a picture and dimensions of what I wanted and he worked his magic and made them! My inspiration for the table was actually the Ikea Malm Dressing table (I linked it for you) And for the stool I just wanted something simple and pretty and this is what he came up with.
I wanted to show you both of my mirrors in the pictures because I like it switch it up sometimes and I wanted to know which mirror you guys think looks better? Right now I have the full length mirror up. Let me know?
Both mirrors are from Jysk, super afforable and beautiful. Here’s the link for the full length one, and here’s the link for the smaller one. I will link them both down below. The carpet is from Homesense. The little 5 drawer organizer is from Michael’s and is extremely similar to the one from Ikea. usually stays underneath the table as extra storage for hairspray and other makeup things, but I wanted to move it out of the way so you guys could really get a look at the table.
Eventually when we have a house, I want to get an antique vanity with lots of drawers for storage, and I plan on using this table as a front hall sort of catch-all table, or in the living room with pictures on it. BUT that is all in the future when we have more room and a house 🙂
Below are some makeup organizers that I use to organize my makeup, I will put where everything is from down below.

So I hope you guys liked this!
Let me know what you think in the comments below!

Jillian xo

3 section clear organizer: Winners | White makeup brush bucket: Ikea | Tabletop mirror: Homesense |Flat 3 section organizer: Dollartree

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