Maxi Dress

Sunglasses: Ray-Ban | Dress: Roxy | Shoes: Steve Madden

Hello loves!
Happy Friyay! I’m sorry I have been MIA all week but I’ve honestly just needed some down time with Cam; I needed it. All week I have just been really focusing on having quality time with my family and just relaxing. But I have to say I’ve missed blogging so I am back at it!

*Quick disclaimer; I may have a slight obsession with black maxis*
When it comes to be the really hot weather I love just throwing on a maxi dress and calling it a day. I’m kind of starting a collection of them…. They are so flowy and comfortable! If you didn’t shave your legs it doesn’t matter, and if you snag one where you don’t have to wear a bra that’s a plus as well!
I got this Roxy one at Winners not too long ago but I found it linked online as well. The website is Canadian and I believe shipping is free, not sure though… did I just make that up? I don’t know but check it out!

LADIES! My gladiators are on sale 🙂

I have been lovinggg them lately. They go with everything!

I’ve linked them above 🙂
Steve Madden has actually just put a lot of their stuff on sale so I ordered these ones:
Posted them on my Instagram the other day, expect to see them in an upcoming blog post! Here’s the link for them:
Anyway I hope you guys like this outfit! Don’t forget to click the follow button on my sidebar to get emails every time I post something new 🙂
And thanks for stopping by!
Jillian xo

Photos in this post taken by the very talented Amanda Eagles

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