I’m obsessed with my Boyfriends’ Muscle Shirts


Shirt: H&M | Bralette: Aerie | Shorts: Garage | Shoes: Steve Madden | Sungalsses: old but love these and these | Bag: old but love this

Hello lovelies!
Today I’m talking about this muscle shirt tank top that I have been stealing from Luke. What girl doesn’t love putting on their boyfriend’s clothes? Whether it be a cozy hoodie that smells like them, or something that you are just “missing” from your wardrobe.
I have been constantly stealing this tank top from Luke…The material is so soft, and I love how low it goes on the sides so you can see your sports bra or bralette.
It’s so comfy to sleep in, I love knotting it with a maxi skirt, knotting it with high-waisted pants, it would be great as a beach cover-up! hahah poor Luke.
So he got it from H&M men’s section and he has it in black also!
I really wanted to wear it as a tank top dress but it’s just not long enough ):
I even went in and saw how long the large was hahaahaha, I’m nuts.
So today’s lesson is keep an open mind and just because it’s men’s doesn’t mean you can’t rock it too 🙂
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Jillian xo

Photos in this post taken by the very talented Lydia Reabel-Pinheiro

Workout Inspiration


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Hello lovelies!
Let’s be real it’s been a while since this Mama actually hit the gym…but staying healthy and being active is important to me and there is nothing like cute workout clothes to help motivate you. I love keeping things simple and chic with black and white. These active wear tights from Joe Fresh are AMAZING. They are a little high-waisted which is nice because they suck you in, and they don’t pill and get all gross like I find Lulu Lemon ones can sometimes do.
What I do love from Lulu Lemon is their sports bras! I love this one with the fun strappy detailing. I also really want to pick up a pair of these high-waisted shorts! How nice to just smooth everything over and tuck you in.
Also how cute is this heart water bottle?!

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Jillian xo

Lemon Meringue


Hat: Aldo | Sunglasses: Aldo | Shirt: Vero Moda | Skirt: Forever21 | Shoes: Steve Madden


Happy Saturday lovelies!
I think my favourite colour is yellow. That is such a bold statement but I don’t even regret saying so because I honestly love it so much. It is so cheerful and bright, when I wear it I automatically feel happy.
This adorable pleated skirt is $30 and I loveeee it! The only thing I don’t like about it is how the fabric wrinkles SO EASY, that’s the only downfall for me but I look past it. I have been loving knotting my tees lately; I think it’s so cute for Summer!
These Steve Madden shoes are still on sale and guys, if you didn’t read me ranting about them in an earlier post then listen now… I AM IN LOVE with these shoes. So comfortable, literally go with everything. There is no downside. Except,… Steve Madden fix your sole labels,…. they always fall off my shoes it’s so annoying, and then sometimes there is a sticky residue where the label was… has this happened to anyone else? It’s happened to a couple of shoes of mine from Steve Madden. The quality is so good other than that it just bothers me, I wear them too much maybe haha
Anyway I hope you guys like this look let me know in the comments below!
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Photos in this post taken by the very talented Amanda Eagles


Braids & Bralettes


Bralette: Joe Fresh | Dress: old but love this and this | Sunglasses: Aldo

I am wearing these sandals from Aldo
Happy Friyay everyone!
Yesterday went to Luke’s parents’ house for dinner and they have a park right across the street where we go with Cam and he loves just running around and exploring 🙂
So I thought I would post this quick little outfit from then and show you guys my go-to hairstyle when my hair is greasyyy….I think the last time I washed my hair was… Monday. Don’t judge!
Anyway I linked the sandals I was wearing above and a couple similar dresses to the one I am wearing. I LOVE this bralette from Joe Fresh; They don’t have the navy anymore but it does come in three other beautiful neutral colours. It is so comfortable, and I love wearing in with dresses or baggy flowy tops to show off the lace. When you don’t feel like being constricted by a bra or you just feel like adding some lace into your outfit they are a great go-to!

So I hope you guys liked this! Let me know how you wear your hair when it’s dirty! haha

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Themed Thursday: Flamingos

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Hello lovelies!
I cannot believe it is already Thursday! Where is time going?! Anyway as you can see by the overload of pink this week’s Themed Thursday is all about Flamingos! I personally think anything flamingo printed is adorable. My favourite is number 4 the phone case; so cute. Also I dare you guys to guess how much these over-the-top flamingo shoes are, just guess 🙂
Speaking of prices the Kate Spade tote (1) is on sale so check that out if you guys are interested!

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Boho Betty Sale


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Happy Monday lovelies!
Boho Betty is having a ‘Sizzling Summer Sale’ and I think I might have to place an order…Here are my favourites from the sale! My Regal Tang Double Wrap bracelet is also on sale! You guys have probably seen in on one of my previous posts, I love the soft leather and the magnetic clasp! The quality of these bracelets really are amazing.

Here’s the link for their website if you want to check them out!


Use coupon code
to get an additional 20% OFF your order 🙂

Let me know what one is your favourite!

Jillian xo

Regal Tang Double Wrap Bracelet

*Disclaimer: I am an affiliate of Boho Betty but thoughts an opinions are my own

Maroon Swing Dress


Dress: Garage (similar here and here) | Sunglasses: Ray-Ban | Shoes: Sperry (on sale!) | Tote: Longchamp

Happy Friyay loves!
I love this swing dress from Garage! It is so comfortable and I love how full the dress is they definitely didn’t cheap out on the amount of fabric. I feel like swing dresses are good for most body types; universally flattering 🙂 I couldn’t get the exact dress I am wearing but I linked two that are very similar. These Sperry’s are on sale I linked them above and they are super comfortable! I don’t usually wear them with a dress I typically wear them with jeans but I actually really like them with this outfit.
These pieces are all really good transitional Summer to Fall pieces; versatile 🙂
So I hope you guys liked this let me know!
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Jillian xo

Get the look

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Black & White Stripes


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Hello lovelies!
I cannot believe this week is almost over! I started Mom and tots swimming lessons this week with Cam so this week has totally flown by, but it’s been lots of fun so far 🙂
Today’s “Themed Thursday” is Black and White Stripes! As you all probably have guessed by now I love my neutral black and whites and stripes are such a classic that I had to dedicate a TT to them 🙂
The Kate Spade Purse and Earrings are on sale so totally check those out. My favourites are the ribbed dress from H&M (1) and the Adidas! (7) I have been seeing these classics everywhere and I kinda want some… what do you guys think? Yay or nay?
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P.S. I goofed and didn’t realize one of these things is navy not black (my bad)…can you guess which one?

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