Black & White Stripes


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Hello lovelies!
I cannot believe this week is almost over! I started Mom and tots swimming lessons this week with Cam so this week has totally flown by, but it’s been lots of fun so far 🙂
Today’s “Themed Thursday” is Black and White Stripes! As you all probably have guessed by now I love my neutral black and whites and stripes are such a classic that I had to dedicate a TT to them 🙂
The Kate Spade Purse and Earrings are on sale so totally check those out. My favourites are the ribbed dress from H&M (1) and the Adidas! (7) I have been seeing these classics everywhere and I kinda want some… what do you guys think? Yay or nay?
Anyway I hope you guys liked this, make sure to click the follow button on the sidebar to get blog post updates!
P.S. I goofed and didn’t realize one of these things is navy not black (my bad)…can you guess which one?

Thanks for stopping by,

Jillian xo

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