Physician’s Formula: Organic Wear BB Cream

IMG_4440I did a review on the Organic Wear BB Cream by Physicians Formula, read more for the full post loves! xo


Hello lovelies! Happy Weekend!
Today I’m talking about this Organic Wear 100% Natural Origin Beauty Balm Cream by Physicians Formula. I have been using this product for almost a month now; I wanted to really try it out and play with it a little before I reviewed it for you guys.
I have to say, this is a total win. I loveeeeeeee it. I especially love BB and CC creams during the Summer because I typically don’t like to wear a lot of heavy makeup during the hot months. This stuff is perfect for when you want to just even out your skin tone, cover some blemishes and head out the door.
It is low coverage but totally buildable to a medium. It is super lightweight and  it blends soooo beautifully into the skin; you literally fool everyone into thinking you have naturally flawless skin. As an added bonus; it smells like coconuts! But it is almost a fake smelling cocunut smell… I don’t love it but I don’t hate it either.

So in the directions it says to shake the bottle and then squeeze the product directly onto the face and blend in with fingertips. Obviously girl you do you and blend it out with your fingers to your little hearts content. But I personally don’t like using my fingers at all if i don’t need to when it comes to my makeup just because hands are so oily and I just feel like im going to make myself breakout.
So what i prefer to do is squeeze the product onto the back of my (clean) hand and use a beauty blender. That way I can control how much product I am putting on and with the beauty blender it gives a beautiful dewy finish. I have applied it using a brush and that works nice too, but lately I am just obsessed with my beauty blender.In addition to being organic it is hypoallergenic, dermatoligist teseted, gluten free, and cruelty free. I really love Physicians Formula for catering so well to people with sensitive skin.

So I hope you guys liked this let me know what your favourite physicians formula products are!

Thanks for stopping by,

Jillian xo

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