Our Home for the Holidays


Hey everyone!
I hope you all have enjoyed yourselves this holiday season! It has been forever since I have posted but I really wanted to give you guys a peak of the house and show you a little about how I decorate for the Christmas season. 🙂
Ever since I was little my favourite part about Christmas was helping my Mother decorate the house and the tree. I like to keep things classic and subtle with greenery and silver accents.

All the garlands I picked up at either Michaels or Canadian Tire. The tree skirt, most of my basic silver ball ornaments, black lantern, and pine cone ornaments are from Canadian Tire.
The silver reindeer, the candle sticks, and the white table runner for the piano are from Winners.
The reindeer wreath holder, the small green tree and the pine cone lights are from Superstore.
The outside wreath, the small mercury glass candle holders, and the small white tree on my piano are from Homesense.
The wreath hanging from the reindeer holder is from Michaels.

So I hope you guys like this! I’m sorry I haven’t posted in forever. Between working on the house, getting ready for the Holidays, and Cam I find I rarely have time to work on the blog, but I am still going to try and post as often as I can 🙂

I hope you all have a safe and happy New Year!

Jillian xo

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